Magic to me is a gift. When I was young, depression and low self-esteem were my daily struggles. There were days where the only thing that would make it better is if there were less pain in life, until one day when this gift came into play - magic.

My journey of magic started when I was still in primary school. One day, while walking around the local bookshop looking for a textbook to use during finals week, something caught my eye on one of those high shelves. It was a magic book that teaches simple tricks using everyday objects like coins and cell phones!

Since that time, I began my journey into what would become known as "the magician's world." Whenever I have free time, I would be reading all kinds of material related to magic and practice what I have learned.

I kept practicing magic every day and eventually become good enough to impress an audience in front of the whole class! That experience alone made me realize all the wonderful possibilities that this art has to offer! My life has completely changed from that moment on.

The art of magic is indeed a gift to me, and that's why I want to spread it to everyone around the world! With this goal in mind, I always have been committed to sharing my positive energy and magic with people I met as I was traveling different countries around the world.

I came to Sydney to do my master's degree at the University of Sydney. During the school holidays, I began to slowly perform as a magician in social clubs, corporate events, and private parties in Sydney. This experience only made me realize that magic is indeed universal! I make friends with people from around the world and perform magic for them even though we hardly speak the same language.

I am now a professional magician living in Sydney and have performed magic shows for organisations such as New Star, MaoTai, AIESEC, HWPL and UTS, etc.

I personally work with every client to provide a personalised service that accommodates their needs.

I'm approachable and quick at the reply, so you can call me up any time if there's something on your mind- or maybe just want some advice about how best to make one of those magic tricks happen! 

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