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Magicians are always on the lookout for new ways to entertain their guests and break down any ice that may exist between them. One great idea is roving magic, where one performs close-up tricks while moving from group to group.

The time it takes to perform roving magic is usually between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the size of your event.

Roving magic is a great choice for any occasion! Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner or a large-scale party, it can be incorporated seamlessly.

With tricks that will impress even the most difficult guests and audience members alike, this entertainment option ensures everyone has fun while staying on task with their night's activities. It is also a perfect ice breaker for guests who have not met before.

Benefits of Hiring Roving Magicians

Engage everyone in the event
Quick and Fun
Guests are involved with close-up magic

Looking for a unique entertainment option for your next event?

Mirko Zhou is a professional magician who can mingle among your guests to perform magic from group to group during a cocktail or dinner party. Because roving magic happens in front of your guests, the experience is very engaging and interactive. Guests love being able to watch the tricks up close and then have an opportunity to participate if they choose!

You’ll be amazed by how much fun everyone has when they get to try their hand at some simple magic tricks themselves. The best part about hiring this type of magician is that it doesn’t cost anything extra because he travels with all his equipment. He also provides music throughout the night so there are no awkward silences between courses! It will be one of those events that people talk about long after it’s over.

Get in touch today for your next party or corporate event!

Corporate Events

There’s no better way to entertain your guests than magic, whether it be for a Gala dinner or end-of-year party. Mirko is a professional magician who specialises in corporate events. He knows how to keep your guests entertained and engaged, making sure the night goes off without a hitch!

With Mirko's engaging magic, you can relax and enjoy your own event. He takes care of everything, from mingling among guests to performing amazing close-up magic right in front of them. His roving magic is perfect for any occasion - whether you're hosting a small dinner party or a large corporate event!

Private Parties

Are you looking for a roving magician to entertain your guests at your private party?

Mirko is an absolute professional roving magician who can keep everyone entertained and engaged. Your guests will be amazed by his mind-blowing magic including coin tricks, card tricks, mind-reading, and table magic. With over ten years of experience, Mirko will ensure your party is one to remember!

You can hire Mirko to perform at your next party or event so that he becomes part of it! His magic tricks are sure to make everyone feel special and leave them with memories they won't soon forget.

Restaurant Entertainment

Are you a restaurant owner who is looking for a special way to impress your clients and guests?

Mirko Zhou is a professional roving magician who can perform at restaurants to impress your customers and bring them back again and again. He’s been performing magic since he was 10 years old, so he knows how to make people feel amazed by his tricks. Whether it’s making objects appear out of thin air or turning water into wine, Mirko will amaze everyone in the room with his skills as an entertainer.

Imagine being able to surprise your guests with something truly magical that they won’t soon forget! With Mirko on staff, you don’t have to imagine anymore – just contact him today! You can book him for one show or multiple shows per night depending on what works best for you.

Why hiring Mirko as a Roving Magician for your next event?

Versatile Magic

As a professional roving magician, Mirko has experience in performing a wide range of magic tricks including card magic, coin magic, mentalism, etc. He’s able to perform for all kinds of audiences and can adapt his tricks depending on the event you’re having.

Entertaining Guests

Mirko is a roving magician who knows how to keep your guests entertained during an entire night or event! His mind-blowing magic tricks are sure to make everyone feel special and leave them with memories they won't soon forget.

Interactive Magic

As a roving magician, Mirko is able to engage with your guests and perform magic tricks right in front of them. This makes the experience very interactive and engaging, which is sure to please all kinds of audiences.

Meaningful Magic

Magic is not about creating something amazing and impossible, but a memorable experience for the audience. For this reason, Mirko makes sure to add a personal touch and make his tricks meaningful. Each trick he performs is done with care and detail that will leave your guests in awe!

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